01 JUNE 2016

Casapercasa is first and foremost a place, a space where people, materials and solutions move freely.

Holy Sadie

Simone Pradal

The materials

The materials take on a form that is both free and contextualized, where anybody is able to understand. All materials, both artisan and industrial, are treated in the same way, which makes the cost of each individual project free. 

We do not want our ideas to be only expensive. A good project can be carried out using different materials. 

The environments

The environments are laboratories where the design concepts are expressed with unique personality. You can feel the artisan consciousness, but at the same time stability and consistency keep accessible parameters.

The solutions alternate fully drawn proposals to others achieved  thanks to collaborating  industrial companies, that are nonetheless  small enough to leave room for our customisation.

Holy Sadie

Yvan Paladin

Silvia Carobolante

Design and development. She plays a strategic role in the organization of the supply chain. Together with Simone she is involved in the initial development of the proposals as far as the creative aspects, since she has a special aptitude for matching items and choosing colours. Together with Yvan, she deals with the organization of the various orders and deliveries. She also takes care of the after sales.

Katia DaBroi

An administrative manager, together with Yvan she also takes  care of all management aspects in relation to tax concessions and invoices for companies, documents for shipments and deliveries abroad.

at Home

18 MAY 2016

aCasa is our active kitchen, always ready to crank out fast and fresh food. The blast chiller is the new concept of freshness, quality and simplicity.

Holy Sadie

The place

The stube of casapercasa

The stube warms up our restless spirits, pampers projects and enjoys the centrality of the convivial space. The wood’s  natural warmth fosters research, concentration and constant development of projects.

It is the ideal place where we talk together and exchange constructive opinions.

Le parole spiegano le condizioni ma non esprimono le emozioni. I materiali invece attraverso i loro magici colori, profumi, sapori e suoni regalano le e mozioni che ci permettono di realizzare i sogni

The interactive project

It is the result of experience and sensitivity: to project an idea on the big screen and discuss together its complexity. It is a unique form that customers both private and professional appreciate. 

From the very beginning the relationship  with the materials allows you to feel the "taste" of the proposal, thanks to the analogue methods reinforced by the digital systems we have available nowadays.

The tailor’s shop

Last born, it collects everything that needs needle and thread. The range of fabrics begins to become interesting and in time more and more enriched.

Upholstery and decoration take on a coordinated framework; our goal is to give spaces a ‘female’ touch that is often missing in producing sofas and armchairs. 

Design office and factory

It is a unique place. The planning takes place  in an office-laboratory and the instruments  used  are placed at the same level, from graphic programmes to colour samples and finishes.

The design consciousness boldly touches stylistic and practical themes. The unique form makes  the organization of the work quick and linear  where all the workers, both internal and external ones, are directed and supervised by a single representative.